The heart of the Mathnasium curriculum is comprised of:

Counting is "the ability to count from any number, to any number, by any number."

Knowledge of Wholes and Parts is “the ability to ‘see’ wholes and parts in a given question, and to utilize the idea the ‘The whole equals the sum of its parts,’ and ‘Each part equals the whole minus all of the other parts’ to answer the question at hand.”

Proportional Thinking and Change is “the ability to compare numbers by division and by subtraction, and to use this knowledge to solve problems by ‘reasoning in groups.’”


Grades 2 through 8

Counting, Wholes & Parts, and Proportional Thinking & Change are further subdivided into the following 20 curricular areas:
1. Counting
2. Percent
3. Number Facts
4. Measurement
5. Half
6. Geometry
7. Computation
8. Wholes and Parts
9. Proportional Thinking
10. Money
11. SAMEness, Quantity, Value
12. Data Analysis
13. Laws of Mathematics
14. Patterns
15. Negative Numbers
16. Algebraic Thinking
17. Fraction Concepts
18. Problem Solving
19. Number Theory
20. Math Vocabulary

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